M.A.S Medical Assistance Spain

Specializes in the organization of treatment, diagnosis and full support in leading clinics in Spain.
Through M.A.S we offer a range of additional services to make your medical travel as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.
We can help with airport pickup, ground transport, booking accomodation, finding interpreters or reserving the best local tourist guide..


Well-coordinated team of medical specialists
Our partners are leading clinics with many years of experience in different areas
We recommend you the best specialist in a particular field
We provide full support for patients and their families during their stay


Why should I go to Spain?

High-quality treatment. 
Developed infrastructure. 
Tourist attractions. 
The country attracts not only the accessibility of its medicine, but also a large number of attractions.
Cost of services. 
The cost of medical procedures, with their unquestionable quality, is generally than others European countries
Inexpensive accommodation and meals. 
The cost of staying in Spain is cheaper than in many other European countries.


Rafael Lobato Marqués



Director of company.
Master in business management by ESIC.
"Individual approach and caring for the patient is the key to successful treatment"


(+34) 637 966 160



Provide quality services, organization and full control of the treatment provided in the leading medical institutions in Spain.