Complejo Hospitalario Integral Privado CHIP


Complejo Hospitalario Integral Privado CHIP

CHIP Hospital is a private hospital  which was inaugurated towards the end of 2009. It comprises the Clinica La Encarnacion which has been a well recognized medical centre for more than 40 years in the healthcare of private patients in Malaga and the Hospital Dr. Burgos which is a building adjacent that represents one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in Spain.
CHIP Hospital is located in the Avenida Carlos Haya Nº 121 of Malaga capital of the Costa del Sol. It enjoys a priviliged location as it less than 1 km from Hospital Regional Carlos Haya and with direct acces via the motorway to both west and east coastal towns as well as inland ones.
It has easy and quick access by train, boat and plane . The Malaga International airport is only 8 km away and the main train station” AVE” is only 3 km. It also has easy access by bus from the city centre as lines ; 8, 14,18,21 and 23 all go right past the hospital. The hospital also has and underground car park. CHIP Hospital is a centre of reference in the fields of traumatology/orthopaedics and obesity, plastic and heart surgery amongst other specialities.  All of these are managed by a group of highly qualified professionals whom rely on the most advanced technology and whose sole aim is to provide a practical and innovative service to the patients.
With an area of 10,000 square metres, the hospital has 116 beds, 8 operating rooms, an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), an X-Ray department and Emergences service 24 hours. The hospitalization area is shared between the two buildings with a total of 80 modern and confortable rooms.There are 16 double rooms and 64 private ones all with en-suite bathrooms. Eight of the rooms are junior suites which have a separate living area, flat screen tv and a mini bar. There is also a hairdryer available in the bathroom.
All the rooms in the new building are equipped with a new multimedia system unique in Spain. They have a computerized multimedia screen placed above the bed from which the patient can watch tv, listen to music, make phone calls and search the web. The rest of the rooms have televisions and telephone. The hospital deals with both national and international insurance companies specially those providing travel insurance. We have members of staff who speak several languages for the pupose of attending to non Spanish speaking patientsand their families with the language barrier. Most of the specialists and surgeons have a good level of English, German and French and there are doctors who speak Arab and Chinese. CHIP Hospital provides a welfare service for patients on a daily basis to help in such things as speaking with the insurance companies, doctors, nurses, tour operators, hotels etc etc.
We also have available a free shuttle bus service for patients and their families to transport them from the airport to the hospital and viceversa as well as from/to the hotel for treatment or check up as required.
We look after the patients in all their needs. In this sense we have a food menu which caters for different cultures and religions. In the common areas of the wards there is a small selection of books and magazines in several languages which are free for patients and family members. There are also vending machines that have hot/cold drinksas well as light snacks.
The hospital´s bar/restaurant “Dr Zhivago” is open daily from 09:00 am to 21:00 pm and is decorated with a selection of scenes from famous films. It offers a wide selection of food and drinks as well as roomservice for family members that wish to eat with the patient.


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