Vithas Xanit International Hospital


Vithas Xanit

The clinic is located in the south of Spain (Costa del Sol), 15 minutes from the airport of Malaga. 
Has a certificate of safety and quality Joint Commission International (JCI) 
  The clinic is a leading multi-disciplinary private medical institution equipped with modern medical equipment and has a team of specialists, including world and European leaders in their fields. Heads of departments are also heads of specialized divisions in public clinics and the University of Malaga. The hospital team consists of more than 650 specialists, 250 of whom are leaders in their fields, not only in Spain, but throughout the world. 
    Equipping the hospital with modern equipment makes it possible to apply the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies. The hospital has a total area of ​​13 000 m2, it consists of 5 floors, 110 single comfortable rooms are located, including 12 suites.   Leading directions of the clinic: 
 • Institute of Oncology Xanit (IOX), which unites all structural units associated with the treatment and diagnosis of oncology and has five functional departments: department of lung pathology and head and neck tumors; Department of gynecology and breast pathology; Department of gastrointestinal cancer; Department of uonocology and lymphoma; Department of Genetic Counseling and Diagnostic Screening. 
• Department of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, which includes units of clinical cardiology, hemodynamics, arrhythmia, cardiovascular surgery. The use of modern equipment allows performing all types of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures on the cardiovascular system, applying the latest achievements of world medicine. To date, the department includes Professor Hans Joachin Schäfers, one of the world's leading cardiac surgeons, specializing in the surgical treatment of aortic and mitral valve pathologies, aortic aneurysm and pulmonary hypertension using minimally invasive methods. 
   Recently, a promising method of treatment of resistant arterial hypertension has been actively used - catheter ablation of the sympathetic plexus of the renal artery, or renal denervation. 
   As a multidisciplinary medical center, Vithas Xanit International Hospital provides medical care in all areas of modern medicine, including pulmonology, orthopedics, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, obesity treatment, etc. 
   Vithas Xanit International Hospital is the only non-state medical center specializing in the treatment of hematological diseases, including leukemia. 


Medical directions: 

 • Allergology 
• Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract 
• Cardiology 
• Dermatology 
• Endocrinology and nutrition department 
• Hematology 
• Hepatology 
• Sports medicine 
• Family Medicine 
• Therapy 
• Nephrology 
• Pulmonology 
• Neurology and Neurophysiology 
• Oncology and Radiotherapy 
• Pediatrics • Psychology 
• Psychiatry 
• Pathomorphology 
• Rheumatology 
• Sexual health 
• Urology Diagnostic units: 
• Check-up (complex examination for 1 day) 

Technologies of the latest generation 

• Radiotherapy 
• Nuclear medicine 
• Brachytherapy 
• Hemodynamics, interventional radiology and electrophysiology 
• Eco Endoscopy 
• Non-invasive coronary angiography (virtual) 
 • Densitometry 
• Non-invasive colonoscopy (virtual) 
 • Neuro-resonance 
• Cardio-resonance 
• Angio-resonance 
• Prostate spectroscopy 
• Breast Spectroscopy 
• Hyperbaric medicine 


:     The modern diagnostic equipment of the hospital is integrated into a single information system, which allows for the implementation of unique diagnostic procedures under the guidance of highly qualified professionals. 

Ultrasound diagnostics 

• Total 
• Endoscopic 

Digital mammography 

• Standard 
• Digital stereotactic 
• Biopsy under stereotaxic control 

Multispiral computed tomography (64 slices) 

• Standard methods for diagnosing organs 
• Non-invasive coronary angiography (virtual) 
 • Non-invasive angiography 
• Non-invasive colonoscopy (virtual) 

 Magnetic resonance tomograph (1.5 Tesla) 

• Diagnosis of the nervous system 
• Diagnosis of the cardiovascular system 
• Spectroscopy of the prostate 

Surgical areas:

• Cardiovascular Surgery  
• General surgery  
• Maxillofacial Surgery  
• Orthopedics and Traumatology  
• Pediatric surgery  
• Plastic surgery  
• Thoracic Surgery  
• Coloproctology  
  • Obstetrics and gynecology  
• Neurosurgery  
• Ophthalmology  
 • Otorhinolaryngology  
• Urology